Critical Literacy Questions for Any Text

This downloadable quiz contains the following questions.

  1. Who wrote, created or produced this text?
  2. What assumptions does the author make about my beliefs, values and knowledge? What tells me this?
  3. What general view of the world does the text present? (Hopeful, pessimistic, cynical etc). Explain how you know.
  4. What voices, points of view, and perspectives are missing? How significant is their omission?
  5. What information does the author leave out? How significant is it?
  6. Who is most likely to benefit from this text?
  7. Why was this text produced?
  8. Is this text consistent with what I already know? Do I need to seek another source of information?
  9. Is the text fair? Why or why not?

(Adapted from “Adolescent Literacy Guide – A Professional Learning Resource for Literacy, grades 7-12, Ontario).

Click here to download the installable zip file of the quiz. (Click “File” then “Download As”)