With a semi-transparent navbar, the background image comes through the navbar creating a nice looking effect. The additional whiteness helps the navbar and the homepage stand out from the background.

The opacity of the homepage background can be set in themes, but the navbar cannot be. Using one of the squares to the left will create the same effect.

You can watch this video: How to make a transparent background or follow the steps below.

If you are unsure about the steps to take to do this, use the following: 
  1. Right click on one of the white square boxes on the left of this webpage and save it. The the lower the number, the more transparent your navbar will be.
  2. Open your theme in the theme editor.
  3. Click the “Inner Navbar Background” area.
  4. Upload the white square that you downloaded from this website.
  5. Set “Image Repeat” to “Repeat”.
  6. Save.
If you would like your homepage background to be the exact same transparency: 
  1. While editing the same theme, click “Homepage Background”.
  2. Set the “Background colour” to be white.
  3. Set the “Opacity” to the same number as the file you chose from this website.
The white squares below can be set as the background of a navbar in order to have a transparent background. Each square is labelled with its opacity setting, which can be matched by in the opacity settings of the homepage background. Of the opacity squares available below, 95 is the strongest, so very little of the image underneath will come through. 20 is the weakest, so a lot of the image below will come through.
Right click on the square boxes in order to save them. Click “Save Image As”.
Don’t forget to set the image to repeat in the “Inner Navbar Background.”
95 95
 90 90
 80 80
 70 70
 60 60
 50 50
 40 40
 30 30
 20 20