• All of the themes below are available to download and install in a D2L course home.
  • If you aren’t certain, you will need to confer with your board’s eLearning Contact to see if teachers have permissions to install themes. If not, you can talk to them about installing a theme for you. Ask nicely. 🙂
  • The images below may take a while to load.
  • Click on any image to see a larger preview and use your browser’s back button to return.
  • Click the name of the theme below its preview image to access the zipped file. You will see four files in the folder. You will only need to download the zip file. Click the zip file, then use the down arrow link in the top bar to download the file.
  • The zip files only contain the Theme. They must be installed into a local Navbar created with the “Thin” layout. Unfortunately, Navbars are not exportable in D2L.
  • In order to complete the theme appearance, Homepage Navbars must be coloured according to the instructions in the Notes page included in the folder for each theme. The hex colours are also included in the description section of the theme itself.

Installation instructions (videos)

Step 3 (optional): How to edit an MTP theme Logo


Ontario TELT Contacts & DeLCs can download the entire set here (click the down arrow button at the top) and install them at the org level if they wish to give their teachers access to the whole collection. Please see my DeLC MTP Installation Notes for further details and ideas about installing the theme pack.